Mar.24.15 12:00 am

EDIT: AND we're back~! :D Are you all caught up? 


Hello, CloverHouse Guests!

And here is the cover to Chapter 5! :) I'm looking forward to wrapping up the first story arc with you guys~!

Comic page updates will resume on April 14th! I need a bit of a break, as well as some time to build up a buffer again.

I'll still be posting some fun stuff here on Tuesdays and Fridays until then, so stay tuned! :D Thanks for your support, everyone!

Mar.03.15 12:00 am

Hi everyone! :)

I hope everyone is enjoying their March so far. Hopefully we can kiss winter goodbye very soon in the northern hemisphere. x'D

Wow, we finished up Chapter 4! Please enjoy the Inn Note. I hope it provides a bit of a cute breather before we enter Chapter 5. x'D

Also, my February sketchbooks have been sent out to backers at my PATREON!


Jan.30.15 12:00 am

Hello guests! I'm excited to announce that I've completed January's 2 sketch/artbooks over at my PATREON. :) Thank you to my Patreon Saints! <3

For anyone curious about Patreon, I think of it like an ongoing Kickstarter to support artists who post their work online for free. :) You can subscribe to their Patreons to access their feeds of exclusive content and stretch goals, depending on what tier you back!

In my case, backers can see more WIP work for "Saint for Rent," my other (secret) projects, as well as access future SfR pages before everyone else.

I'm excited for the Milestone stretch goals, which include wallpapers and 4 bonus updates a month~!


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