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Jul.10.14 11:24 am

 Hello guests! Welcome back to the CloverHouse! I'm sure you've noticed quite a few changes to the decor!

SfR is scheduled to undergo some marketting over at the HIVEWORKS, so I wanted to give the site a bit of a make over before then! So yeah, make yourself welcome,  look around, meander around the front lobby, don't pick on the bellboy, yada yada etc. >v<)/ Let me know what you think~

A big thanks to ERIN, the creator of METACARPOLIS and FOUR TALES, for coding the new design and getting it up and running. :D She is super cool (so you should probably click those links!).


May.09.14 12:00 am

Hello, hello!
Last month, I had the honor of being interviewed by the super rad MICHAEL DAMBOLD!  In the interview, I talk a bit about my process and inspirations, and about what's to come in the next few chapters. :) I also dive in pretty heavily about how I approach the tiny animations you see in SfR.


Apr.01.14 12:00 am

UPDATE 4/07/2014: I had a heck of a migraine Monday, so I didn't get to work on SfR. Sorry guys, I'll see you at Friday's update!

So I've been thinking that we should change the direction of SfR, 'cause Inns for time travelers, who cares amirite?? Let me throw some ideas at you. 

  • Saint for Sale - No no it's not a hooker AU, HEAR ME OUT Saint's actually this real estate agent in an OK neighborhood, and he's giving tours around different houses to this conventionally attractive Argentine man and his angry siamese cat. And, like... IDK, the houses are all haunted.
  • Saintpaca and Armallama - The fluffy adventures of a white alpaca and his llama friend. Occasionally, a cat drops by to make sure they're not dead.
  • Saint for Rent - Basically, same story that we currently have, but the CloverHouse is a regular Bed&Breakfast and Armand's actually a French guy called "Armando."
  • Sweater for Rent - Okay, this is an idea I've been toying around with for the past year. Basically the same settings, but with no time travel and just a sentient sweater hopping around a giant house doing chores, okay? And lately, I've been thinking, what if this sweater is actually part of an alien species that came to earth and found humans as a food source and formed a semi-symbiotic relationship with... no, wait, what? That's already an anime? Well, damn.
  • Armand for Rent - Idk, this can be the hooker AU

Happy April 1st, guys. 8)
What's REALLY going on is you guys might've already noticed little edits here and there to SfR pages lately. I've realized that at the speed I'm going (cue polite laughter), I can see how easy it is to get lost in the time eras / specific years / etc., so I'm just going back and adding Inn title cards here and there with dates. Hopefully, this helps solidify where the plot is winding around for new readers! And for those of you rereading... AHH, I think you'll like 'em! ;)

On a side note, last week's "Saint for Rent Saturday" prompt was "art style," and someone suggested Mary Blair. :) This week's SfRSat is gonna send Armand around the world (and through time!)

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